During times of crisis, people listen to the advice of professionals then over time, succumb to their unfettered emotions by engaging in risky behavior. When enquired whether ignoring professional advice could consequentially cause them harm, they often respond cynically or with disdain and continue nonchalantly as if life were normal. To help reduce such activities and to create an environment of emotional solace, emotional plush robotic companions imbued with adaptive artificial intelligence is the solution. The vision of this project is the creation of emotional robots that are huggable and well-priced to satisfy a critical human need for companionship in times of stress and in times of normality. Many persons old enough to remember science-fiction memes of friendly robots designed to help humanity will appreciate the thought that has gone into the design of these machines. Some have commented this is fundamentally wrong. The solution is to provide the ability to self-program such that it adapts, like any other animal, to the human. The software does not connect to an outside device, so that the person devoting their emotions and their enjoyment with their emotional companion feels completely at ease to share without the fear of other humans ridicule.

We live in a new world that can sometimes be stressful and unfriendly. Ordinarily, we would endure awaiting a time when things will be better. But now, there might not be a better time, ever. This is terrible. There is nothing anyone can do but help comfort each of us, especially in our emotions and empathy.

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I never had a better friend than one that was artificial. 

--Kiran, from the novel 2312